Late Summer Sunsets

Evening coolness, Jersey flapping. Tranquil spinning, Absolute calm. Dip behind a stroller, Swerve around a runner, Dodge a fortune teller, Get dusted by a commuter. Follow the narrow path to the left, then later to the right. No need to worry about intervals, today’s a spin on the bike. Heavy legs are okay, it means you […]

Making it Happen

Manual For Speed Location: Boise, ID Date: 14 July 2012 Time: 10:52 PM Race: Boise Twilight Criterium Two years ago my mentor Glenn Silver told me I would be a Canadian National Champion in one year. I didn’t really know what to say so I tossed it into the bucket list. I progressed faster than […]


Originally Published Dec.2010 December is a time when students stress for fall semester final exams, when real people work their butts off to pay their holiday shopping bills and for a road cyclist, it’s a time when training for next season comes to the fore. Now a couple of months into the off-season, riders often […]