Ben Chaddock is a former pro cyclist (2010-2014) and the 2012 Canadian National Criterium Champion.  Since 2015, he has worked at Cycling BC, where he currently manages coach development and youth programming.

At Toque Coaching, Ben currently works with a small number of private clients who are pursuing success at provincials and nationals.

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Ben’s coaching and education certifications include:


  • Master Coach Developer
  • Coach Evaluator
  • Learning Facilitator
  • Comp-Dev  (16+ or Cat1/2)
  • Comp-Intro (9-16 or Cat 3/4 and Gran Fondos)
  • Community (U9 or Recreational)


  • PMBI: Lv. 1
  • St. John First Aid: Lv. 1
  • B.A Economics & Environmental Studies, Whitman College 2010

You can review Ben’s coach transcript here, use # 820129

As a result, Ben oversees program delivery for 10,000 kids each year and manages +700 coaches through Cycling BC’s iRide and NCCP Coach Development programs.


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