Late Summer Sunsets

Evening coolness, Jersey flapping. Tranquil spinning, Absolute calm. Dip behind a stroller, Swerve around a runner, Dodge a fortune teller, Get dusted by a commuter. Follow the narrow path to the left, then later to the right. No need to worry about intervals, today’s a spin on the bike. Heavy legs are okay, it means you […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are for those who lack the courage to change today. It is silly. The natural order of change is to do just that! CHANGE! To undergo metamorphosis. Yes, it often means that in the process you discard that which is no longer useful, but no where does the word change or metamorphosis indicate that […]


It’s dark, raining, cold, and slippery, but instinct is conquering habit so I keep pedaling.  Bright reds and whites glare off the glossy black of the surface out ahead of my handlebar spotlight. Shoulders hunched up close to my ears, forehead tipped down slightly, I squint my eyes away from the beating raindrops. Out of […]