Hello Canadian Coaches,

You are invited to volunteer to participate in a mixed-methods master’s thesis research project conducted by Ben Chaddock, a student in the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program at Royal Roads University (RRU).

Because you have previously participated in NCCP coach education, the researcher wishes to learn about your experience in the NCCP and how future updates can improve coach development in Canada.

The research is titled “Why Coaches Achieve Certification: A Mixed-Methods Exploration of NCCP Sports Coach Certification Success Rates” and aims to understand how resources, methods, and policies encourage NCCP Competition-Introduction (club) sports coaches to pursue and achieve certification and, as a result, improve the sport experience of Canadians, especially children.

The research explores the impact of blended learning design (a mix of online and in-person modules), consumer behaviour (length of education pathways and incentives), and personality trait expression (using the self-administered BFI Inventory).

The research invites coaches from any of the 65 nationally-recognized Canadian sports to participate by completing a 30-minute online survey using Monkey Survey, including IP-address protection.

The anonymous survey includes demographic information, a self-administered personality trait quiz, and open-ended questions that reflect NCCP learning experiences.

Survey participants who work in sports outside of cycling may volunteer to participate in an optional follow-up interview.