Pizza Cats Cycling Academy is designed to help new cyclists build intermediate skills and confidence, and create opportunities for coaches in-training.

We offer 2 distinct programs:

  • 4-8 week Mountain Bike Programs for 10-14 years olds* wishing to learn to ride blue and black-rated terrain.
  • 4-10 week Road Endurance Training for participants +16 years old interested in developing aerobic capacity in a group setting.

Programs are facilitated in the Lower Mainland area by NCCP Master Coach Developer, Ben Chaddock and his team of Cycling BC Club-Assistant coaches.

Mountain bike participants should be comfortable lifting the front wheel, pedalling and braking simultaneously, and can stop and go on a steep hill (equivalent to Cycling BC Level 5-6). Mountain bikes must include disc brakes and front suspension (at minimum); gloves are also required; knee pads are recommended.

*Participants who turn 10 during this calendar year and are skilled and fit enough to keep up with the older riders may participate in the club. Anyone may register for a FREE ‘test ride’ and try a practice; however, parents are encouraged to participate during such test rides.

Road bike participants should be comfortable with riding their road bike on open roads and in a group environment (equivalent to Cycling BC Level 6+).

Select a program below that meets your interests, needs, and availability. For any questions, send a message using the form below, and we can arrange a phone call before registering.

  • April
    • 4x Monday MTB @ Burnaby Mtn.
    • 4x Tuesday MTB @ Burnaby Mtn. (previously scheduled for Bert Flinn)
  • May
    • 4x Monday MTB @ Burnaby Mtn. (previously scheduled for Bert Flinn)
    • 6x Wednesday ROAD @ New Westminster (+16yr only)
  • June
    • 4x Mondays MTB @ Burnaby Mtn.
  • Sept-Oct
    • 3x Monday MTB @ Burnaby Mtn (For NEW Pizza Cats Only)
    • 3x Tuesday MTB @ Burnaby Mtn (For RETURNING riders)

As a parent, seeing my son find an activity that he is good at and loves is very rewarding.  Keeping active is a lifelong habit, and he now invites his friends on bike rides and helped start his school’s mountain biking club.e

Shawn Lam – 2022 Parent Chaperone (READ ARTICLE)

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