A Throw of the Dice

For months we spend our time carefully crafting training plans, preparing post-ride meals and maintaining our space-age machines after battle with winter’s wet. Every day our season approaches faster and faster, our first ‘Monument’ faster. It seemed like October only yesterday; April, a distant future.  Now, after our director orchestrates the day’s tactics and the commissaire drops […]

40’C Weather

Manual For Speed @Tumblr: The guys asked me to write something about racing in extreme heat, like my experience at Tulsa Tough in 2011. This is what I wrote:  Morning Spin Manual For Speed Tumblr Oppressive Dew, Defy Lethargic Mope, Hydrate Sleepy Eyelids, Coffee Tired Legs, Back to Bed Full Throttle Fired Eyes, Blinding UVs Easy […]

Driving Upward

Whatever you do with your time, Do it with passion and consistency, Self-confidence and focus, Self-discipline but balance, Study your art: Pupil, Respect your art: Morality Inspire those close to your heart If you aren’t making someone else’s day better, What is the point?   Photo Credit: