Resolutions are for those who lack the courage to change today. It is silly. The natural order of change is to do just that! CHANGE! To undergo metamorphosis. Yes, it often means that in the process you discard that which is no longer useful, but no where does the word change or metamorphosis indicate that we have to wait until tomorrow, or next year to begin!

The fear of the unknown and fear of loss is what holds us in violent patterns of consistency. The beauty of change resides in its spontaneity, its lack of reason (or reasons we cannot comprehend at the given moment) and its often rejuvenating nature (to those listening).

Instead, a small goal or object each day can help one move forward now, not later. This goal can be as small as saying “good-day” to each person you meet on the bike trail, or something as large as finally finishing your thesis. Either way, a tangible and manageable goal today will take you one step closer to your aspirations. So have the courage to look within, find a task and do it completely. Make it the best “good-day” you can. Project that which you wish to┬áreceive and create a beautiful reality.

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