Train like a Pro

Last week I came across a list of tips for training like a pro. Bissell’s Paul Mach and Ian Boswell came up with it while training together in California and I thought it was pretty great but of course I added a few things. Enjoy and remember…when in doubt, pedal it out! Rules for Pros: […]

Study your Sleep

Over the past few days I’ve returned to vacation mode after cancelling my plans to travel to Los Angeles to train at the velodrome and have found a very insightful blog discussing sleep research. Two entries I found particularly interesting were the studies that discussed: 1) Alcohol consumption prior to bed (recalling my college days […]

Double Tyres

It’s week 3 of a three week block. Today is your big day with a few hard sets and then you’re all done. After slogging around in the rain for three hours, your intervals are done and the cold has finally worked its way through your many layers of clothing. Now you just need to […]