Last week I came across a list of tips for training like a pro. Bissell’s Paul Mach and Ian Boswell came up with it while training together in California and I thought it was pretty great but of course I added a few things. Enjoy and remember…when in doubt, pedal it out!

– Ride by 10am.
– Ride in a small group or alone.
– Always train in leg warmers when its below 70 degrees.
– Make short and quick stops, no hanging around- this is a job.
– Don’t coast on downhills.
– Get behind, get left behind.
– Don’t bonk, but eating is cheating.
– Train hard, rest hard.
– Don’t race down wet descents during training.
Toque Tips
– Bike = Whine/wine free zone
– Research your body
– Strengthen your mind
– Then listen to both!