Chris Perrault

I spent several months searching for my coach. I wasn’t going to be happy with a cycling specific organization that slotted me into whatever rate category I was wiling to pay. I’m sure these companies have great success, however, as a multi-sport adventure athlete who enjoys xc skiing, climbing, mountaineering, surfing and, many other activities that routinely fill my days, I needed to find someone who had the adaptability and open-mindedness to create a cycling training program that, not only made room for my adventures, but would also use these activities to further my progress.

After digging 5 or 6 pages deep in to a Google search, I found the Toque Coaching web page and sent Ben an email. He got back to me promptly and our conversation began. Ben understood the dynamics of my situation and was able to apply his experiences in ski racing and cycling to create a program that has elevated my cycling to a level I’ve never achieved on my own. There’s a magic that happens when you work with a coach, when some else takes an interest in your progress. You level up faster and become accountable to your progress because of your coach. It’s a far more efficient approach that makes the investment into training well worth the fees.

Ben has the background, accomplishments, professionalism, and tools to accelerate any rider’s development. Plus, he’s a stand-up guy that is genuinely invested in his athlete’s development. I would 100% recommend working with Ben to realize your cycling potential. 

Chris Perreault, Toque Athlete

Toque Athlete since October 2019