Study your Sleep

Over the past few days I’ve returned to vacation mode after cancelling my plans to travel to Los Angeles to train at the velodrome and have found a very insightful blog discussing sleep research.

Two entries I found particularly interesting were the studies that discussed:
1) Alcohol consumption prior to bed (recalling my college days of course)
– Slept less than when sober
– Woke up more frequent throughout the night
– Felt more tired in the morning, and sleepier at the end of the next day
– Received most of their sleep during the first half of the night
– Less REM sleep
2) Circadian clock differences between men & women
– Women’s clock as faster than men’s (on average 6 minutes, but accumulates throughout the day)
– Women’s clocks complete in under 24 hours
– Explaining women’s greater preference for morning exercise compared to men
– Women sleep deeper (more time in REM) but over lifespan more susceptible to sleep disorders.
Sometimes the best way to get your next project done….is to sleep on it!
Good Night!

Double Tyres

It’s week 3 of a three week block. Today is your big day with a few hard sets and then you’re all done. After slogging around in the rain for three hours, your intervals are done and the cold has finally worked its way through your many layers of clothing. Now you just need to get home and out of the rain……PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTT. FLAT!
A friend of mine showed me about the “Double Tire” solution a few years ago as a result I have enjoyed a lot fewer flats on those long wet and cold days, when the last thing you want to do is stop moving, never mind stop to fix a flat.
Take an old used tire, cut the bead off both sides and place it underneath your current tire. This way, you’ll have an extra layer between the road grime and your precious tube of air. Every couple of weeks, deflate the tire and pick the glass and rocks out of the cuts with a screwdriver or tweezers.
Be aware that this will make your bike heavier and increase the fiction on the road so you might be traveling a little slower. But hell, it’s winter so let’s try to cut the windchill as much as possible eh!
You can also make some boots with old tires in case of tires slashes. Cut those to about 2 inches long by 1 inch wide.
Ready for another gravel adventure back in dubydubya (autumn ’08)
Stay afloat out there!